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Image by Ines Cvitić

About Us

Cbros Hobby and Collectibles is a partnership of three brothers working together to hunt for lost and forgotten treasures from years past. The majority of our hunts are focused around tabletop Miniatures (Warhammer/40K/DnD, etc), 1980-2000's video games, model kits of all genres, comics, action figures, vintage literature, and much more.

We also provide 8k 3D printing services and design services. Contact us with your concept or existing design. We would love to help you bring your creation to life.

Digital art exhibit

We Buy/Sell/Trade

We purchase collections of all sizes and all variety of memorabilia. If you are looking to part ways with a collection, contact us to begin the process. Please be prepared with details about the items you intend to sell. Pictures, videos, and any other supporting information is helpful to smooth the process.  


We travel anywhere in the lower 48 states.

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